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Wunderman - Germany

Wunderman bietet Ihnen Zeit für Mitarbeiter

Einzigartige, aufregende, globale Karriere

Wir suchen, Kreative, Manager, Macher, Innovatoren, die Lust haben, Strategien und Ideen zu entwickeln, die unsere Branche in Bewegung setzen. Denn Marketingentscheider internationaler Marken verlassen sich auf unsere raffinierten Marketinglösungen.

Werde Teil der Wunderman Familie und helfe mit, unsere Reputation als preisgekrönte kreative Marketingagentur auszubauen.

  1. Karrierechancen bei Wunderman

    Dynamische chancen

    Wir streben täglich danach, uns gegenseitig zu inspirieren und zu ermutigen. Wir finden neue Wege für die Vereinigung von Kreativität und Daten, um für unsere Kunden Ergebnisse zu liefern.

  2. Offene Stellen bei Wunderman weltweit

    Globale reichweite

    Wir sind leidenschaftliche Digital-Marketeers, denen die erfolgreichsten Brands der Welt vertrauen. Wir erneuern, erschaffen und entwickeln täglich Ideen für unsere Kunden - und das weltweit.

  3. Unterschiedliche Karrierechancen bei Wunderman

    Umfassendes fachwissen

    Wir haben eine beeindruckende Kundenliste. Wofür du dich auch begeisterst - Essen, Finanzen, Technologie, Unterhaltung, Gaming, Autos, Mode, Sport, Gesundheit oder Outdoor - wu wirst die Möglichkeit erhalten, dein Talent und deine Interessen für eine Reihe anspruchsvoller, aufregender Projekte einzusetzen.


Career Opportunities - Joe Mcglynn

Joe McGlynn

Senior Account Director, London

After college in 2009, I worked in finance—and hated it. As a marketing major, I always wanted to work for an advertising agency in New York. I started at Wunderman 2010 in Account Management on Johnson & Johnson's digital consumer and healthcare professional business and I loved it.

Soon after, I became Chief of Staff to Wunderman's Global CEO, working on existing clients, new business, and mergers and acquisitions. Thanks to our amazing Wunderman network, I travelled frequently, visiting London, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Singapore, and China. I fell in love with the excitement of winning new clients, which led to my most recent position, Head of New Business for North America. I worked closely with teams across all departments—creative, strategy, and account—and now I’m on my way to London to take a role as a Senior Account Director.

It's incredible here—Wunderman has given me every opportunity to move and grow in my career.

Wunderman Career Opportunity Michal Synek

Michal Synek

Digital Assets Designer, Prag

We have a culture that allows me to pursue my dreams. I’m a 5-to-9’er which means I pursue personal projects after work. My great passion is painting—I studied under the acclaimed Czech painter Pavel Roučka.

Wunderman has been so supportive of my art, they invited me to hang my paintings in the lobby here at Wunderman Prague. The guest comments have been wonderful. Someone just called me a hidden Picasso! Now other employees are asking how to exhibit their artwork, too.

Our client work definitely inspires my composition and I thrive on the constant flow of interesting design work. There’s an excellent team spirit, professional development, and meal vouchers. Above all, I’m so glad Wunderman gave me this unique opportunity to share my artwork.

Work life balance at Wunderman

Dima Abifaker

Digital Account Executive, Dubai

Wunderman has challenged me professionally and personally. We have an amazingly supportive atmosphere and my colleagues have become my family.

Last year, I was thrilled to be invited to climb Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest summit, to benefit a children’s home in Tanzania. It was an intense mental and physical challenge.

We trained for weeks before our ascent. After 6 days of grueling climbing, brutal cold, freezing toes, and thin oxygen, we finally reached the 19,341-foot summit. All 17 of us cried tears of joy, pride, pain, and exhaustion.

It was my colleagues who made the trek so satisfying—I climbed a massive mountain with people from all around the world. None of us will forget how it felt to gaze out at Africa in all directions. An incredible experience, all thanks to Wunderman.

Wunderman Career Opportunities Julie Bronsteatter with United

Julie Bronsteatter

HR Manager, Chicago

My Wunderman journey began in 2007 as an Assistant Account Executive. I was 25 and excited to join a global agency. My first few years were a whirlwind of late night FedEx runs (literally) and photo shoots in NYC.

Working on a food account, I quickly figured out how to avoid the dreaded words, “The food has died.” From tweezers to clothing steamers, we used any tool to save the day. I also worked on consumer packaged goods, retail, drug, hospitality, aviation, and a national TV PSA that featured a celebrity endorsement—career heaven!

After I left Wunderman in early 2014, something didn’t feel right. I kept in close contact with colleagues and not only returned to Wunderman, but had the unique opportunity to work in a completely different function. I joined our HR team in August 2015 and couldn’t be happier! I’ve truly found my home here at Wunderman.

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